Love & Luck

This is a story about strivers.

It could have been sentimental. It could have ended with the couple working their way to happiness, or perhaps we could have shown that ‘all you need is love’. But that would be lying. Because we can’t help but spoil our brief moments of security imagining what our lives could be if we were luckier. Lifestyles unavailable to us are visibly available to other people. You can’t help but compare and feel left out. And why shouldn’t you?

In the striver narrative we’re asked to accept that hard work can achieve anything. That keeps me working hard, and I want to believe it. But you can’t buy back time. I feel sorry for the characters in this story because their youth is lost.

I directed this music video, by the way, for the new Jack Edwards EP Love and Luck. Catch this guy on tour soon and buy/stream his record on iTunes. And share this video please. It was produced and crewed with love on a shoestring budget by good folks at OneandOther Creative, and we’d love people to see it.


  • Cast – Holly Morgan; Hamish Logan; Mark Bywater
  • Director & Editor – Nik Morris
  • Director of Photography – Ben Bentley
  • Production Designer – Vicky Parry
  • Production Co-ordinator – Miles Watts
  • Makeup assistant – Jessica Kate Stevens

  • Beat100 Gold awards for video and song