Why Build a Sun on Earth?

An 11 year old can understand nuclear fusion.

Physicists at York Plasma Institute wanted a film they could tour to primary school halls around the UK in an inflatable ‘sun dome’. We devised a script together, written to be delivered live to the children by fusion scientists who run workshops alongside the movie.

This was made in After Effects; the 3D sequences were created using the Element 3D plugin. I wrote most of the music too, composing MIDI sequences with orchestral VST instruments, (except the guitar bit, which is made from samples).

  • Winner: Rutherford Prize for the Public Understanding of Plasma Physics
  • Winner: 1st Prize at Durham New Energy Futures Film Festival
  • This is a featured project on Behance’s Motion Graphics Served

Why Build a Sun on Earth - [York] High Quality H264.00_03_43_10.Still005

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