Death Defying

‘You thought, I was beat. Didn’t you darling?’

Confession: I was a stadium rock fan as a teenager, stocking up on discarded Aerosmith records and VHS from Carmarthen market. I loved the energy of their performances on promos and concert videos. While we’d be working at a much smaller scale for this anthemic Jack Edwards track from The Animal Farm label, I wanted to channel some of the things I used to love in performance videos from bands like Bon Jovi and Van Halen.

As a musician myself, I think it’s vital that what gets captured for a video matches not only the beat, but fits the phrasing of the artist’s song. Planning the shoot, I imagined where we’d match the trajectories of verse phrases with wider angle dolly moves that feel steady and confident, permitting Jack and his band a parallax frame to draw us in with their presence. Once we’ve established the high energy chorus, I go in handheld more, swish panning and pulling zoom on key bars of music. I also explore the band with the camera, wanting to capture some idiosyncrasy, something from a performer when they’re in the moment, something to insert for those beats where we anticipate, and climb up, and… ride down the slide of this song.

This was made with a small crew at Heslington Studios in York. By using curtains, their cyclorama, and storage areas we could create three distinct spaces in their TV studio without a company move.

Death Defying is a really exciting song, and I hope the video makes you want to jump up and down.


  • Director & Editor – Nik Morris
  • Theatrical Lighting & Gaffer – Neil Arden
  • Wardrobe and Makeup – Rae Tweeddale
  • Grip & Electric – Fran Taylor
  • 1st AC – Charles Taylor

  • Beat100 Video Award Gold
  • Beat100 Song Award Gold
  • Beat100 Favourite Award Gold

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