Taking on and Taking Over

Young lives are chaotic.

Early adulthood is tricky for anyone. But what happens when you require round-the-clock support? Young people with physical disabilities receive a personal allowance to hire personal assistants, but this means becoming employers and managers at the same time as going to university, starting a job, leaving home, and forming new friendships and relationships.

This film, commissioned by the Social Policy Research Unit and the National School for Social Care Research, is part of a campaign aimed at social workers and personal assistants, helping them anticipate and adapt to the unique needs of each young adult they encounter.

Martin Povey from Into Mania created two wheelchair-using characters, and rigged them for animation. The illustration style matched a library of stock body parts from which we built the other characters. Doug James from Mode Design selected the type and colour scheme. I self-shot the live action sequences, and animated the whole piece in After Effects. I also composed the the music in Fl Studio.

SPRU Master 6-5-14.00_00_30_07.Still001

SPRU Master 6-5-14.00_01_42_14.Still002

SPRU Master 6-5-14.00_02_03_09.Still003

SPRU Master 6-5-14.00_02_47_02.Still005

SPRU Master 6-5-14.00_03_59_09.Still004

  • Director, animator and composer – Nik Morris
  • Character rigging and illustration – Martin Povey
  • Colour and Type – Doug James