It’s cute.

A little red dot witnesses 5 billion years of York, from the Big Bang to The Great Recession. This short film was commissioned as an installation for the 2012 York Festival of Ideas. It played in the 3Sixty space, a four-walled immersive cinema.

York’s tourist attractions show us that this city is built on the shoulders of Romans, Vikings, and chocolatiers. But I wanted to take another huge step back, and playfully place the present day and its challenges on a cosmic scale. To do this, I created a cute bug-eyed spherical character that experiences the whole history of the univerise to the collapse of Leeman Brothers.

Kids and (most) adults loved the character, some chasing it around the four walls during screenings.

Well actually, one child burst into tears during the financial crisis ending sequence because they were worried the dot wouldn’t be OK. Kid, we’re all terrified of the economy.

I was really pleased with this project. I loved illustrating the city through the ages. It was great to see so many families enjoy it at the festival opening. It’s a shame that as an immersive movie it doesn’t translate well to single-screen at all. All I can provide are these short clips and some unwrapped stills.

Click for large size

IdeasFest [Cineform SD] v2 14-06-2012.00_03_33_05.Still003

IdeasFest [Cineform SD] v2 14-06-2012.00_01_37_05.Still001

IdeasFest [Cineform SD] v2 14-06-2012.00_03_07_10.Still002