What’s your origin story?

College years transform you, but at the time they can feel chaotic and confusing, especially if you’re the first person in your family to go to university. Just what are you supposed to do with your new-found independence? Are you wasting your time, or are you on the right track? Should you be imitating what your flatmates do, or should you find your own path?

  • Kenny – Jack Gates
  • Juliana – Neash Cook
  • Piotr – Nick Lester
  • Ananya – Aastha Khanna
  • Charlotte Robinson
  • Daniel Nattrass
  • Jessica Nixon
  • Joe Timpson
  • Kennedy Muntanga
  • Sasha Wrigglesworth
Background Artists:
  • Alana Gibb
  • Bill Skyner
  • Clemency Wall
  • Estella Adeyeri
  • Fraser Jordan
  • George Doughty
  • Lucy Simpson
  • Megan Davies
  • Niall Meenan
  • Sam Coates
  • Serena Bury
Crew and Creative:
  • Director and Producer – Nik Morris
  • Copywriters – Nik Morris, Nikki Spalding, and Chris Hoyle
  • Choreographer – Eddie Copp
  • Designer and Art Director – Bethan King
  • Hair and Makeup Artist – Faye Robertson
  • Wardrobe Stylist – Vicky Parry
  • 1st AC/Gaffer – Mohsin Ahmad
  • Assistant Producer – Hannah Skidmore
  • Production Secretary – Louise Denby
  • Theatrical lighting technicians – Jamie Dudley and Jordan Wright
  • Art Department assistant – Kate Nicholson
  • Production Runner – Jamie Macdonald
  • Production Runner – Mandy James
  • Stills Photographer – Ben Bentley
  • Mandarin text – Samantha Leong
  • Motion Graphics and Postproduction – Nik Morris


The HEAR, or ‘Higher Education Achievment Report’, is a service being rolled out at universities across the UK to record and verify the achievements and experiences of a student. They can can consult the electronic document throughout their studies, and it becomes fixed after graduation. The HEAR helps them find their path, it helps them better manage their efforts and time, it reassures them that un-examined activity contributes to intellectual and personal growth, and on leaving it helps them prove the value of everything they did during their university years.


This #HEARoes commercial will improve brand recognition and value. We want students to love and embrace their HEAR, to make use of it, to see the document as their own story. The advert dramatises the service proposition by drawing on the ‘origin story’ trope of the superhero genre, parodying the Marvel movie trailer in its shooting and editing style. This 1m 40s spot follows four young adults, whose university struggles and achievements transform them into capable exciting graduates. The HEAR reassures them that they’re on a path that’s right for them.


The spot is live on The Student Room website, alongside advertorial content, where millions of annual visitors seek support and advice before and during their university experience. We also anticipated that student unions would play this at orientation sessions, so wanted to make it feel big and cinematic so it can excite crowds in large lecture halls. The commercial ends with a clickable link to an explainer advert, which I also directed: a pixel-art promo that draws on role playing game tropes to demonstrate how the HEAR works.

The second spot:

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