Haunt Me

“I didn’t care”, said Jack.

Usually if a song is aimed at someone, you want to dress it up. Show that you’re hurting, but without injuring anyone else. Not with ‘Haunt Me’. Jack Edwards penned this second single from his Death Defying EP still wounded from a breakup, and fighting an autoimmune condition that threatened his voice and energy. This is a song for everyone who’s ever found themselves browsing the wonderfully crafted Facebook lives of all their exes and old friends while they’re stuck in a hole.

Resources were tight. We filmed over two evenings near Scarborough, at sunset to ensure low contrast between land and sky. We had a permit allowing us a week of evenings on the beach, but were at the mercy of changeable weather.

I was self-shooting, and had a crew of one on standby: our excellent stylist and makeup artist Faye Robertson. She’s now working on shows like DCI Banks and Channel 4’s Cucumber, but we shot this the actual week she was quitting her day job to go full time as a makeup artist. As such, it wasn’t cheeky to ask her to hold a few evenings, so we could drive to the east coast after she finished work when the weather gave us what we needed.

After three days of flooding, a window of opportunity opened on the Thursday. On both nights, Faye styled Jack in the car as we drove to catch the last hours of light.

My concept for this video was ‘Chris Isaak’s Wicked Game, but after the break up’. A real challenge would be capturing visually interesting cut-aways for the middle eight section. We found a small ruined structure on the beach. I asked Jack to work himself up into a frenzy in this tight space, promising not to use any footage that would look odd. Most of this was, of course, not useable, but it gave us excellent short clips, just a few frames of Jack’s heightened presence to cut in, thus avoiding long visually inert instrumental phrases.

Here’s Faye on how she dressed Jack for this video:

“My main approach to styling Jack was to keep as close to his current style as possible, but to add a little vintage, and slightly more editorial vibe into the mix. My first stop for cool vintage clothes is always Dog and Bone Vintage on Gillygate in York. Nick, the owner, let me peruse the rails one Tuesday lunchtime. I left with a handful of shirts, some sweaters and t-shirts. I finally chose a blue vintage checked shirt to team with Jack’s own jeans and army-styled boots; with the sleeves rolled roughly up his forearms, he looked effortlessly cool.

For an alternative clifftop look, I teamed darker jeans with a chunky-knit sweater and a cream long-sleeved top for a more casual look, very much influenced by a recent David Beckham campaign.”


  • Director & Editor – Nik Morris
  • Stylist, Hair & Makeup – Faye Robertson

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